Sherry Nikka's collection of hand-stitched fine leather is a tribute to her impeccable attention to detail and her handcrafted designs honor the sensibility of old world construction.

Nikka travels unconventional paths and draws inspiration from her many journeys, focusing heavily on Parisian and Italian cultures. The integration of regal period trends with ideals of contemporary couture make Nikka’s collection a fresh and fashion-forward portrayal of modern femininity.

Nikka has 25 years of fashion experience designing and styling. Sherry Nikka has designed for and dressed royalty, nobility and celebrities' from around the world.

After graduating with a degree in fine arts and theatre from the University of California, Los Angeles, Nikka traveled to the South of France and trained alongside Madame Yvette Marie in Cote d’Azur, an atelier for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloé. The culmination of this background allows her love of art, costumes, architecture and the cultures of many eras to be celebrated in her pieces.

Consisting of luxurious leather coats, jackets, cardigans, boots, handbags and accessories, her ready to wear collection is in high demand. Her use of sophisticated fabrics such as Swiss cotton, sherpa and distressed leather, creates a perfect blend of form and function, making her designs as easy to wear as they are impactful. Sherry Nikka's collection can be seen on the likes of Hollywood elites.